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Here at Satellite Industries, we’re leading the way in the sanitation industry with technologically advanced products and systems that help you stand out from your competition. Whether you’re planning a small family gathering or managing a construction project, our portable hand washing stations are vital for smooth operations. Contact our team of sanitation experts today to learn more about our products, and how we can help your business expand.

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Hand Sanitation

Our units are durable, reliable, and occupy a relatively small footprint at your event. Our hand wash stations and portable hand washing sinks are easy to use, with large capacities to ensure your customers and visitors get the results they need when using an outdoor hand washing station. With foot pumps and hands-free systems, there is a minimal risk of cross-contamination, and the addition of soap and towel dispensers makes use of these products so much easier. With freshwater and greywater systems and easily serviced, you can expect reliable, consistent use throughout the day and night.

Free Standing

These portable handwashing stations are free-standing, which means that they can be brought in, set up, and used in virtually any location where they are needed. Each station here carries its own set of benefits which make them adaptable to your needs and the needs of the operators. These units are all foot operated with vandal-resistant molded spigots and large cutouts even for work boots. Built-in spray soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers complete the package.

  • TAG 2
  • TAG 4
  • Super Twin
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Ideal for use inside portable restrooms, these in-unit portable handwashing stations can be installed for convenience, ease of use, and elimination of cross-contamination between the restroom and a centralized outdoor sink. These units drain into the portable restroom waste tank, making for easier service and maintenance.

  • PRO 22
  • PRO 12
  • Slimmate II / Full Forearm
  • Maxim 3000 / Full Forearm
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Some environments call for different tools to get the job done. Especially in agriculture, veterinary use, and heavy-duty environments, you need a hands-free sink that eliminates cross-contamination, provides ease of use, simple maintenance and cleaning, and durability required of the conditions of your work area.

  • Agwash
  • Hands Free Sink
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Hand Sanitizer Stations

When a fresh water sink is unnecessary, or the area would restrict the possibility of water, possible slipping hazards, or elimination of mess caused by a portable handwashing station, hand sanitizer stations are an excellent way to prevent the spread of germs and disease. Built from molded polyethylene, these units are durable and can withstand vandalism after use.

  • Hand Sanitzer Station
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Satellite Hand Wash Heater

This on-demand water heater is crucial when it comes to providing warm water hand washing. Warm water helps remove soap better, not only to reduce the feeling of soap residue, but also to more effectively rinse away the germs and dirt that remain on your hands after using cold water alone. Operating temperatures vary depending on the source water, and you can learn more by clicking this link. Especially useful in food preparation, where the FDA sets standards of maintaining a temperature of 105 degrees F. This two spigot system gives you flexibility in providing warm water portable handwashing solutions.

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Call Satellite Industries for Your Portable Hand Washing Stations

Satellite Industries has been providing portable handwashing stations, hand sanitizing stations, and a variety of other health and hygiene resources for years. With durable materials, and an effective intersection of form meeting function, call us for your portable hand washing station needs. As proper hand washing and sanitation have become critical for public health and the prevention of spreading sickness, check out our selection for your next outdoor event, public venue, outdoor festival, or patio dining needs.

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Hand Washing Stations for Healthy Events & Projects

Hand washing is about providing safe, usable water and Satellite is leading the way with new products and systems that give you the edge in a competitive market.

How Can Satellite Industries Help You Make a Difference?

Satellite Industries is a forerunner in providing outdoor and in-unit handwashing stations, sanitation stations, and even agriculturally based free-standing handwashing stations. If you have concerns about the hygiene and health of your customers and visitors, Satellite Industries can help your company excel in whatever event, venue, or project you are operating. Check out our selection of portable handwashing stations, sinks, and even water heaters. Your attention to the needs of your clients and customers makes all the difference.

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