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Portable Restroom Vacuum Service Trucks

Fifty three years ago Satellite built its first portable restroom truck. Today, Satellite offers a full line of service vehicles that combines the newest technology with years of restroom experience. The result is a driver friendly truck with low maintenance and high dependability.

  • Portable Restroom Vacuum Service Trucks Carbon Steel MD Series

    Carbon Steel MD Series

    The MD series of restroom trucks is the most popular line sold by Satellite. The carbon steel tanks have a proven track record of dependability over the past 40 years.

  • Portable Restroom Vacuum Service Trucks - Aluminum MAL Series

    Aluminum MAL Series

    Aluminum tanks continue to be popular with operators who need more capacity and less weight.

  • Portable Restroom Vacuum Service Trucks - Stainless SS Series

    Stainless SS Series

    Stainless steel tanks are the most durable, longest lasting tank available on the market. The materials weigh and cost more than carbon or aluminum, but operators who want to keep their trucks in service longer insist on stainless.

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