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Septic & Industrial Vacuum Trucks

In an industry where custom designs are common, Satellite offers multiple options for all major components including the tank, inlet and outlet valves, vacuum or jetting system. From stationary to front lift with full opening door, it is available through Satellite.

  • Septic & Industrial Vacuum Trucks - Carbon Steel MD Series

    Carbon Steel MD Series

    Overall, the MD Series of septic and industrial vacuum trucks offer outstanding dependability over the life of the truck

  • Septic & Industrial Vacuum Trucks - Aluminum MAL Series

    Aluminum MAL Series

    Weight can be factor when deciding on a septic or industrial vacuum truck. An aluminum tank provides more capacity when placed on a similar chassis compared to a carbon or stainless steel tank

  • Septic & Industrial Vacuum Trucks - Stainless SS Series

    Stainless SS Series

    Stainless steel tanks are the most durable, longest lasting tank available on the market. The materials weight and cost more than carbon or aluminum, but operators who want to keep their trucks in service longer insist on stainless.

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