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Portable restrooms are critical in the planning of a large outdoor event. Your guests will be able to tolerate the occasion without drinks or entertainment, but the absence of a restroom will be a mistake. Your guests will appreciate the simplicity of portable restrooms whenever needed and won’t have to go far to find a mobile restroom.

Restroom accessibility in events and public gatherings is more vital now than ever before. As more towns and states make it mandatory to have restroom access at big events, offices, and public areas, astute companies are getting in on the action and ensuring that their portable restrooms are available to all. That's why at Satellite Industries, we've made it a priority to make our mobile restroom trailers as diverse and versatile as possible. Contact us today to buy or rent your portable restroom trailers from the leading restroom trailer manufacturer.

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Restroom Trailers

A portable restroom trailer offers numerous advantages, as they are well-suited to cater to business events, sports events, concerts, weddings, parties, or commercial properties. There's a high probability you've attended an outdoor event where there was a row of portable toilets and a lot of single-file queues of people waiting to use the facility. While it's fantastic that your customers' lavatory requirements are being handled, a portable restroom trailer may elevate things up a step and eliminate the need for a bigger waiting area. Each portable restroom trailer usually contains several stalls, significantly reducing queues and allowing people to enter and exit more quickly.

ADA Millennium Restroom Interior


ADA accessible bathroom trailer rentals are required for outdoor events or industrial sites with open access. These restroom rental solutions are not only vital for providing a positive event experience for all visitors, including those in wheelchairs and the elderly but they are also required by law. Satellite Industries is ready to provide all your ADA compliant portable restroom trailer rental needs.

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Gray Commercial Restroom Interior


Commercial grade portable restroom trailers are used in construction sites, companies, and government offices. All our commercial-grade restroom trailers are designed to make optimal use of limited resources, reduce space needs, and ensure privacy and comfort to your staff.

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Gray Spa Restroom Interior


Our elegant Spa restroom trailers come with elegant amenities; cold and hot running water, beautifully framed mirrors, gleaming sinks, and ambient lighting. All of our Spa portable restroom trailers are designed to meet the unique demands of women and men in terms of aesthetics, privacy, and practicality. Our Spa restroom trailers are light, easy to tow, and quick to put up. Because the entrance doors to our Spa portable restroom trailer are all on the same side, positioning the trailer at a function is effortless and guarantees that your guests maximize this benefit. Our Spa trailers are also lovely and roomy, and your visitors will appreciate your care in providing such a pleasant place to rest.

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Luxe Flat Restroom Interior

Luxe Flat

Step into luxury with our Luxe Flat portable washroom trailers, where modern elegance meets functionality. These trailers feature sleek gray accent walls that perfectly complement the white trim and dark gray doors. Inside, you'll find a range of premium amenities, including vessel sinks, solid cubicle doors for added privacy, complete climate control, and luxurious granite countertops. The vinyl plank style floors and tasteful, granite backsplash add a touch of sophistication, while contemporary LED ambient lighting creates an inviting atmosphere that enhances your overall experience.

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Luxe Pebble Restroom Interior

Luxe Pebble

Discover our Luxe Pebble portable washroom trailers, where modern elegance and practicality come together seamlessly. These trailers boast textured gray accent walls that harmonize beautifully with the crisp white trim and dark gray door panels. You’ll discover an array of top-tier amenities featuring vessel sinks, sturdy cubicle doors ensuring absolute privacy, complete climate control, and granite countertops. The vinyl plank-style floors and tastefully selected granite backsplash contribute a dash of sophistication to the overall ambiance. Meanwhile, the contemporary LED ambient lighting bathes the interior in a welcoming glow, elevating your entire experience to a new level of luxury and comfort.

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Millennium Restroom Interior


Our Millennium portable washroom trailers have sleek gray accent walls with built-in sinks, slatted cubicle doors, complete climate control, granite countertops, running water, wooden floors, tiled backsplash, as well as contemporary LED ambient lighting. There are four private cubicles, a dual sink on the female side, two private stalls, two urinals, and two sinks on the men's side. This trailer can accommodate up to 450 people at a time.

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Selfie Restroom Interior


The Selfie is a great option if you want premium restroom accommodations but don't need a large unit. You get excellent quality and dependability with the portable Selfie restroom trailer at an amazingly low price. In fact, with fully charged batteries and a full tank of clean water, the Selfie portable trailer can run all day without interruption. You simply cannot go wrong with our unrivaled client service in addition to all the luxury that comes with our Selfie portable restroom trailer.

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Flex Restroom Interior


You can utilize our portable Flex restroom trailer as a break room, and it comes with a center countertop that you can use as a gathering spot for your team. This unit has one women's cubicle with a water-saving flush lavatory, a regulated hot water tap, and a men's washroom with the same water-saving flush toilet and urinal. Expansive windows and overhead lighting bulbs provide enough lighting, while extendable fold-out staircases and a single durable door provide access into the trailer. Thanks to LED lights, you can use our portable Flex restroom trailer any time of the day.

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We encourage you to consider Satellite Industries for your portable restroom trailer purchases and rentals. We guarantee you won’t find a better restroom trailer manufacturer in the sanitation industry. Renting a portable restroom trailer is an amazingly cost-effective option to upgrade your business's degree of luxury. Satellite Industries is a restroom trailer manufacturer that has an extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to portable sanitation products. Contact our team today to learn more about our industry-leading products and services.

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Portable Restroom Trailers for Organized Events & Projects

There are many portable restroom alternatives available, whether you have a thriving business and need extra restrooms for your clients or staff, or you are organizing an event and want to update the restroom amenities for your people. A portable restroom trailer is a terrific way to give a pleasant, high-quality substitute to traditional restrooms at your future events or workplace. Many comforts that standard physical restrooms lack, such as air conditioning and enough walking space, are available in portable restroom trailers.

Are you organizing a large-scale outdoor festival or a construction site that necessitates the use of portable restrooms? It would be great to rent a mobile restroom trailer for your outdoor restroom needs. A portable restroom trailer offers the luxurious comforts of your guest's home restroom to any venue, no matter the event. To create a good impression on your guests and staff, rent or buy a portable restroom trailer for your next event from a known restroom trailer manufacturer.

How Can Satellite Industries Help You Make a Difference?

Hiring the proper portable restroom provider to assist you in meeting your guests' demands can make a huge difference in their overall pleasure. Satellite Industries offers a wide range of elegant portable restroom rentals that are ideal for weddings, business events, house remodels, film and television production, and more. Our modern mobile restroom trailer fleet includes flushable washrooms and elegant ADA restroom trailers, ranging in size from 2 to 11 stations. We've offered our luxurious portable restrooms to businesses all over the world.

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