ADA Models *All ADA restrooms come in Commercial, Spa and Millennium interiors.

Satellite Suites has created a unique line of ADA restrooms, quickly becoming the new standard of excellence due to the ease of set-up and waste handling.

Setting up a Suites’ ADA trailer is an effortless process. The trailer is lowered by use of either an airbag or electric jack system, depending on the model. For the airbag system, leveling jacks are operated manually, while the electronic jack has a remote control, allowing for all three jacks to be lowered equally or independently. Once leveled, the attached platform is lowered, and the handrails and six-foot ramp are attached with ease. The limited number of parts to create and assemble the ramp system reduces set-up and tear-down time, and the space required for part storage.

Satellite Suites ADA trailers also utilizes a time-tested waste vacuum system that evacuates, grinds and pumps the waste into an interior or exterior tank, another trailer tank or directly into the sewer line, up to 300 feet away.


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