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6X18' Combo, 3-Station

This trailer has three spacious, private shower rooms complete with sink and a toilet. Your customers will feel at ease showering and changing in a space all their own, with the added convenience of their own restroom facilities.

Perhaps the most important feature is the use of non-wood, and seamless wall, floor and ceiling surface materials to construct this trailer. Trailers made with a wood structure may experience rotting, mold and mildew due to water seeping into the framework, but not a non-wood Satellite Suites trailer. Our trailers are made to last and look beautiful for years to come.


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6X18' Combo, 3-Station Specifications

  • No. of Stations: 3
  • Length | w/Tongue: 18' | 23'
  • Width | w/Steps Down: 6'5" | 9'2"
  • Ride Height | w/AC: 10'5" | 11'6"
  • Freshwater: 200 gal
  • Wastewater: 600 gal
  • Weight: 6,680 lbs
  • Axle: (2) 7,000 lb Torsion
  • Wheels: 16" Aluminum
  • Tires: 5 year warranty | 2 Year Roadside Assistance

6X18' Combo, 3-Station Features


The trailer has a Group 24 battery that activates emergency braking if the trailer becomes disconnected from the towing vehicle and serves as a secondary power source for the basic needs of the trailer.


The trailer is equipped with a 20,000 lb. coupler that can be adjusted to match the height of the vehicle hitch and has a clearly marked manual locking system.


The trailer is equipped with a 20,000 lb. coupler that can be adjusted to match the height of the vehicle hitch and has a clearly marked manual locking system.


Satellite Suites trailers feature a seamless Gel Coat exterior. Like the outside of a boat, the Gel Coat exterior has no seams or rivets that would potentially let water into the structure of the trailer. It is a very durable surface that requires little maintenance, is lightweight and will not dent or ding.


Satellite Suites trailers use heavy duty 7,000 lb. sidewinder leveling jacks. Sidewinder jacks provide a more stable connection to the ground, are easy to deploy and operate. They will not drag off or bend in transport, or will not stop working due to sand or road debris.


Satellite Suites exterior DOT light package is 100% LED, which enhances safety and greatly reduces maintenance costs.


Satellite Suites exterior DOT light package is 100% LED, which enhances safety and greatly reduces maintenance costs.


Satellite Suites is proud to bring Over Armor™ roof skin to our industry. Licensed exclusively to Satellite Suites, Over Armor™ is a composite blend that is not damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays as is common with rubber or vinyl roofs. This material will not expand and contract in extreme temperatures, which can cause lesser materials to break down, and is virtually puncture proof to protect it from tree branches and other hazards most trailer roofs face.

The roof also features a seamless watershed design which is rolled on the sides to allow water to completely drain off the roof, removing the threat of water damage caused by pooling. Full length gutters along the sides of the trailer prevent water from dripping in front of doorways and eliminate streaking on the face of the trailer, which could occur during long-term storage.

As with the rest of the trailer, the roof frame is 100% aluminum bonded with high density foam insulation and a seamless outer skin to create a water-tight, lightweight exterior.


The wall frame is made of aluminum and composite materials to eliminate the threat of water damage, reduce the overall weight of the trailer and provide consistent construction quality from one trailer to the next. Wooden wall frames, used in most trailers, are not moisture-resistant and therefore, can rot or attract mold and mildew.



The water connection is located on the curb side of the trailer and is accessed through an outer compartment. It is a ¾ inch garden hose connection with a pressure regulator that limits the pressure to down to approximately 40 psi. The ideal psi range is 40-60 psi. If the pressure from the water source exceeds 60 psi it should be regulated at the source. An incoming pressure gauge located in the service area indicates the amount of incoming water pressure.


A single Air Conditioning unit allows guests to have a comfortable, pleasant experience. This advanced cooling system efficiently provides cool air while allowing the trailer to operate from a single 20-Amp electric service. Temperature is controlled by an easy to read digital thermostat.

Each Satellite Suites air conditioning unit comes standard with a forced air heat strip to take the chill off a cool morning or evening. For colder climates, additional forced air heat is recommended.


Satellite Suites interior walls feature a heavy duty, seamless interior skin that is permanently bonded to a non-wood, composite backer. This prevents costly water damage to the wall and structure, while eliminating unwanted odor caused by the formation of mold and mildew.

In the Commercial Series, the wall is made of a thick, commercial grade material having a pebbled, high-sheen finish that prevents damage and hides dirt.


Satellite Suites Commercial Series restroom trailers feature stainless steel sinks, commercial grade metered faucets and solid-surface, high-density, polyethylene countertops. These features insure your vanity and sink will work properly and maintain a clean, professional appearance for many years.

For users, the countertop has an opening to a trash receptacle beneath the sink in the enclosed cabinet.


The trim in the Commercial Series is made of powder coated aluminum, colored to match the wall. Powder coating provides a much more durable surface than traditional wet painting and also has a more even finish.


Toilets feature and intuitive push pedal flush. An innovative flush system efficiently cleans the bowl while using a water-saving pint per flush.


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