Carbon Steel

Bed Length

12 Feet

Bed Width

8 Feet


19,500 lbs


Satellite's Fence Truck comes with an 8x12' bed outfitted with two stainless steel cabinets, a built-in step ladder and strobe lights on all sides making this truck highly visible and efficent when in the work zone. The Isuzu's chassis’ tight turning radius makes maneuvering around construction sites, events, and natural disaster areas where mobility is limited a breeze.


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Stainless Steel Cabinets

Each truck is outfitted with stainless steel cabinets located on both sides for increased storage. Each cabinet is mounted within your power zone for easy access and reduced strain.

Backup Camera

Satellite’s back-up camera makes maneuvering in tight spaces easy when direct visibility is limited.

*Optional feature

Strobe Lights

Satellite’s fence trucks are equipped with strobe lights on all sides to make sure there is maximum visibility for your workers when they are in the field.

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