Fresh Tank

400 gal

Waste Tank

900 gal


19,500 lbs


The MAL1300 is designed specifically for high-density routes that require high levels of maneuverability and a large number of daily services. Lightweight 5454 aluminum construction combined with heavier chassis and an 84” cab-to-axle give this route truck all the maneuverability of a pick-up and the capacity of a large service truck. Dual low-profile cabinets provide plenty of storage, and the lowered workstation provides an efficient ergonomic service area even for smaller stature drivers. A full range of vacuum and washdown systems can be custom-tailored to fit your specific application.


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Aluminum Cabinets

Each truck aluminum is outfitted with aluminum cabinets located on both sides for increased storage. Each cabinet is mounted within your power zone for easy access and reduced strain.

Lowered Workstation

The driver side workstation is placed in a lower location within the pumper's power zone to promote a safer work environment by reducing muscle strain.

Unit Hauler

Satellite's aluminum unit hauler is light weight and easy to use, eliminating driver fatigue. It’s spring loaded pin system allows for the unit hauler to be lowered or placed into the travel position in just a few seconds.

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