Fresh Tank

245 gal

Waste Tank

455 gal


19,500 lbs


Satellite Vacuum Trucks now offers the perfect P&D truck for pulling trailers. Our short-chassis P&D 700 is ideal for positioning trailers quickly. Its tight turning radius and ergonomic design allows for clear view of the trailer while backing up. Making it easy to spot obstacles that can be obstructed when towing behind standard service trucks.


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Backpack Toolbox*

Massive toolbox comprised of 3 open-ended compartments and 4 doors. This toolbox allows the pumper to store larger tools that wouldn't normally fit in any average toolbox.

*Optional feature

Bed Length 4'-12'

Our P&D trucks come in four available bed lengths; 4', 8', 10', and 12'. Most common bed lengths are 8' to 12'.

Towing Package

The towing package creates maximum efficiency by allowing you to move more products and service out to your customers without making multiple trips.

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