Carbon Steel
Septic Trucks

MD 2200

Overall, the MD Series industrial vacuum trucks offer outstanding dependability over the life of the truck. The steel service module is designed to maximize the payload capacity for single and tandem rear axle trucks. This eliminates the added cost and maintenance of a lift or tag axle while maintaining a manageable overall length.

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MD 3400

The MD series has tanks large enough to pump four to five average sized septic tanks before dumping and with its open frame there is additional room for storage or jetters. Select a high quality pump package from a leading manufacturer, including NVE, Masport, Jurop, Moro or Wittig. Custom tanks of all sizes are also available upon request. We build vacuum trucks to service every industry and would love to build one that caters exactly to your needs.

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Call Satellite Industries for Your Portable Toilet Vacuum Trucks

Portable restrooms provide privacy and dignity for patrons, congregations, or any group of people attending your outdoor activities. However, portable restrooms cannot work alone. You require a means of cleaning, emptying, and transporting the restrooms only provided by Satellite Vacuum Trucks products.

The restroom trucks and their tanks are a significant investment for any business offering portable restroom services. Like other capital investments, business organizations should consider the quality and cost of the tanks when assessing return on investment. Look for high-quality, durable, and affordable tanks to make your investment viable. After years of research in the portable restroom industry, Satellite Industries has come up with the following tanks to help you exercise your choice.

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