2550.16 mm


1198.88 mm


1450.34 mm


The heart of the Satelite’s Vacuum Technology Division is the Vacuum Tech Module. The tech module is equipped with vacuum pumps which run autonomously. Sensors measure the vacuum levels in the waste piping system of all connected toilets and Satellite Sanitrax designed electronics fully operated the system. The tech module replaces the old-fashioned pump truck which involved a lot of manual labor to empty the porta potties.


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All modules are designed on a durable collapsible galvanized steel frame for efficient transportation, set up and take down. High strength plastic interior makes the Satellite Sanitrax Tech Module the most complete solution on the market.


Easy and cheap to transport, quick and easy to set up, sustainable and easy to expand. The attractive, sturdy and very easy-to-use Satellite Sanitrax Tech Module is the ideal solution!p>

Vacuum Pumps

The Tech Module transports the wastewater away from the toilets and is equipped with a professional water booster system which provides the connected toilets with fresh water to make them all flush nicely. Flushing with fresh water makes vacuuming all the waste and most of the odors out of the toilet stall resulting in a very hygienic toilet system!


To be of even further help, the Tech module is connected to our servers which provide a lot of useful data to our APP which can be used by you to check the status of the system and even remotely solve potential issues!



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