Boost Your Business Reach

How Restroom Trucks Can Boost Your Business Reach

Modern portable sanitation products are constantly evolving to become more efficient and effective during large-scale events or environments like construction sites. Offering portable restrooms in combination with restroom trucks can boost customer confidence in your business. Whether they’re being utilized on a construction site or during a fair, festival, or other public activity, customers like having one point of contact to handle multiple needs. Portable sanitation specialists can supply sustainable cleaning products, restroom trailers or trucks, and other helpful solutions to raise interest and garner good impressions for your business. But how do those products help you boost your business reach and get more customers?

Practical Portable Restroom Solutions

No one wants to attend an event or work on a job site without adequate access to clean, sanitary, restroom trailers, toilets, or handwash stations. The importance of these facilities can’t be stressed enough. Restroom trucks and other portable restroom solutions ensure that your business leaves an excellent impression on guests, attendees, and/or employees. Not to mention leaving a good impression on any planner or contractor who hired your company! In this industry, word-of-mouth spreads fast.

By utilizing a combination of portable restroom services, your project or event experience will be much smoother. In today’s world, it’s oftentimes not enough to “just” have portable restrooms. A full user experience should include several of the following:

  • Standard and wheelchair accessible portable restrooms
  • Portable urinals
  • Mobile handwashing stations
  • Free-standing hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Handwashing station heaters
  • Deodorizers and cleaning solutions
  • Restroom trailers
  • Vacuum/cleaning trucks

With the right equipment in place and adequate cleaning supplies, you should be able to maintain a sanitary restroom environment throughout the duration of your large-scale event or prolonged construction project. Not only that, by diversifying your equipment and offering more options you can make more money along the way!

Boost Your Business Reach With Variety

Having restrooms on-site is not the only solution necessary when holding a significant event, continued construction project, or another event requiring portable restroom services. Your organization must also secure restroom trucks with cleaning capabilities to adequately maintain those facilities. Your business will receive many benefits when utilizing restroom trucks, including:

  • Offering more services, creating better impressions on customers
  • Improving your business’s reputation amongst community members
  • Cleaner, safer facilities on construction, or events sites
  • Easy-to-use equipment works quickly whenever your restrooms need cleaning, and you don’t have to rely on someone else to help

Many customers want to select a reliable waste management service that not only offers portable restrooms and sinks but also manages the cleaning of those products with their own restroom trucks. Complete cleaning for your event or construction site quickly and efficiently is possible when using restroom trucks and other reliable equipment or products.

This diversity of products and services look better to your customers face-to-face, and you can also advertise those additional service offerings online. you (or your website development team) can add keywords, pages, pictures, and other content to your company website and social media pages – and “pictures are worth a thousand words“. Restroom trucks can boost your business reach in more ways than one!

Boost Your Business Reach with Restroom Trucks

Choosing the Right Services & Restroom Trucks

Customers expect high-quality equipment and services from a professional waste management company when it comes to portable restroom solutions for large-scale events and long-term projects. Beyond determining the cost of portable restroom solutions for special events, customers want additional services like sinks, sanitizer dispensers, cleaning products, and restroom trucks to take efficiency and cleanliness to the next level.

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to sanitizers, sinks, trucks, and additional services. Focus on what’s best for your business, and what’s best for the job you’re working. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend reaching out to suppliers (like Satellite Industries) or other operators, to get an idea of what you need.

Likewise, if your first concern is the cost, consider equipment leasing and talk with your supplier about restroom vacuum and truck financing options first.

With so many restrooms being used, relying on an outside company for service could leave you in a bind. At the very least, it’s nice to feel secure in knowing that you can take care of the customer best. Not only can you have more peace of mind, but you could be making money from all those cleanings and services! That peace of mind and boost in business reach might just outweigh the cost of new equipment.

Professional Portable Restroom Truck Services

The large-scale event industry is growing, with music festivals, fairs, concerts, and conventions picking up as people finally come out of quarantine. Portable restroom solutions aren’t just practical; they’re necessary when holding an event with hundreds or even thousands of people. When you offer cleaning and servicing, alongside the restrooms and handwash stations you’re already renting, your business will grow.

Remember, your suppliers are here to help. Explore options at Satellite Industries today, and speak with an area manager about the best portable restroom trucks to take your business or organization’s large-scale event sanitation standards to the next level.

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