Emergency Restroom Trailers – How Many Do You Really Need?

It’s becoming more and more common to provide portable restroom trailers for private or corporate events, but how does the industry deal with emergency restroom trailers for natural disasters (or other crises)? Each time there’s a flood, fire, or other national emergencies, we see the portable sanitation industry surge with portable restrooms and sinks. You may find that emergency restroom trailers can be just as valuable, or more so than, as their plastic counterparts.

When planning an event, one of the last things the public thinks about is restrooms. Unfortunately, that’s also true in the case of emergency relief planning. This can be a huge oversight that can dramatically impact all the people involved. When thinking about all the amenities, accessories, and small details that come into play, restrooms are a necessity. 

The fact is, having enough restroom trailers, portable toilets, and sinks in time of emergency, is invaluable.

Events vs Emergencies

For private events, you want to impress your guests. Restroom trailers provide a solution that goes above and beyond expectations. These trailers offer the look and feel of a fully built bathroom that you would find inside of a beautiful building.

Emergency Restroom Trailers & Handwash StationsRestroom trailers are the portable bathroom of the future and will certainly make your event stand out as the ultimate delite to the guests. Nothing turns people away faster than not having a suitable place to take care of business. Trailers like these will keep guests happier and at your event longer. 

However, in the event of an emergency, you’re not as focused on the luxury aspect of a restroom trailer – although it’s still there. When it counts, the strength, serviceability, and functionality that a restroom trailer can provide is unparalleled.

Restroom trailers not only offer an incredibly sanitary (and private) place for the users, but it also offers many of the amenities of a home. In an emergency, offering someone a little comfort can go a long way.

Providing a small reminder and comfort of home to medical workers, first responders, firefighters, relief workers, and all of those striving to keep us safe can make all the difference in the world.

How Many Trailers are Needed?

So how many trailers will you need? Well, that depends on a few essential factors. 

  1. How many people will there be? (Including staff)
  2. How long will the trailer be needed? 
  3. What is the demographic? (men, women, children, non-binary)

Determining this information will greatly benefit your decision making when it comes to providing emergency restroom trailers. In a time of crisis, answering these questions may be harder than you think, but not impossible. Working closely with the professionals on the ground will help you decide what’s best. 

Providing restroom trailers for hospitals, disaster relief locations, or other high traffic areas, is like servicing a large public event. Assume high traffic, heavy usage, and the need for additional service. 

You have the experience necessary to manage this kind of job!

Restroom Trailer Calculator

Emergency Restroom Trailers and RestroomsIn an emergency, you may not have time to map everything out, but there are still ways to get the info you need. 

For example, here is a restroom calculator here that will do some of the work for you. Simply provide the estimated numbers and information and the calculator does the rest. You can see just how many restroom trailers you need. 

It takes into consideration all the factors mentioned above. This includes how many guests, how long the event will last, and general demographic information that may impact the number of restrooms needed. 

Although this method is normally used for public or private event calculations, it works just fine in the event of an emergency or crisis. Assume long hours and a relatively high number of users.

Now you know how many restroom stations/stalls you need. It’s time to determine how many trailers are required. Because there are many styles of restroom trailers, you need to do some simple division to get to where you want to be. 

For instance, if the calculator tells you that you need 6 toilets — there are 3 station units available, and you know that you will need two. Or if you need more than one location covered, you can get three – 2 station units. 

If a very high usage rate is expected, you can find large restroom trailers with up to 11 stations in one convenient location. You can even find trailers with full restroom amenities including showers.

To ensure that the unit is accessible for everyone, there are ADA-approved restrooms with ramps for easy access. 

A Better Way To Go

Restroom trailers are a perfect alternative to the traditional portable toilets and handwash stations used during emergency situations. These trailers offer spacious, clean, full-service bathroom capabilities that the user will feel comfortable using. 

With so many different sized units available, you’re able to take care of almost any number of guests with the right number of restroom trailers.

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