Key Elements of Vacuum Technology

Examining the Key Elements of Vacuum Technology

Satellite Sanitrax state-of-the-art restroom facility modules combine advanced vacuum technology with modular design, offering a comprehensive range of restroom facilities tailored for various settings and needs. From large-scale events to disaster relief efforts, these modular facilities are poised to transform how event planners and disaster relief coordinators approach sanitation. Join us in exploring the modules that make Satellite Sanitrax the ultimate portable sanitation solution.

Toilet Modules

Each Sanitrax module contains three full-size flushable toilets with LED lights and infrared sensors to track the number of uses. Flushing with fresh water removes all the waste and 99% of the odors from the stall, resulting in a very hygienic toilet system! One operator can transport up to 26 modules or 78 toilets on a 53′ trailer and deploy the whole fleet quickly.

The ability to set up fast and pump waste away using vacuum technology will cut your operating costs significantly. On average, operators see up to 90% savings on water, and venues see an increase of 40% on food and beverage sales. That’s a WIN-WIN!

Urinal Module

The Satellite Sanitrax Urinal Module is a versatile and user-friendly urinal solution. Designed for dual-sided use, it offers optional privacy sheets for increased discretion. Built on a collapsible galvanized steel frame, transportation and setup are effortless. Its sturdy design features a high-strength plastic interior, ensuring durability.

The urinals boast LED lighting and innovative automatic flushing, maintaining freshness while conserving water. This delivers remarkable cost savings and exceptional environmental friendliness. With an appealing design and premium finish, the Satellite Sanitrax Urinal Module stands out as the ultimate market solution.

Washbasin Module

Satellite prioritized end-user needs in the design of the Sanitrax Washbasin. Featuring eight taps (four on each side), a wide stainless steel mirror, integrated soap and paper towel dispensers, the washbasin offers a full day’s worth of service. It is highly practical, aesthetically pleasing, and thoughtfully equipped. Its efficient cleaning process is underscored by four integrated wastebaskets for convenient disposal, maintaining a clean and inviting environment.

Shower Module

The Shower 2.0 offers an elevated outdoor shower experience for those requiring more space. Each module features two generously sized, well-designed showers with LED lighting, ventilation, and water-saving shower heads. Privacy is ensured by curtains that also provide secure storage space for personal items. The Satellite Sanitrax Shower module combines all these aspects to offer a comprehensive market-leading solution. With their durability and ease of use, these attractive showers are perfect for disaster relief, refugee camps, and campsites.

ADA Compliant Module

The Satellite Sanitrax ADA Module is indispensable at every venue! The roomy interior and gently sloped entry ramp provide easy access and ample space for people with disabilities. Multiple grab bars, a fold-down seat, and a diaper-changing station make this a valuable unit for family use, too.

Tech Modules

At the core of Satellite’s Vacuum Technology Division lies the Vacuum Tech Module, replacing the labor-intensive pump truck for emptying porta potties. This module features autonomous vacuum pumps that empty into a holding tank or sewage drain. Smart sensors monitor vacuum levels, managed by Satellite Sanitrax electronics.

For enhanced power, Jets™ NOMAD offers a scalable system with five units customizable to any site’s needs. The Transfer, Flow Control, Water Supply, Catcher, and Vacuum Units come in Medium, Large, and XL Duo strengths.

For flexibility, Jets™ ROVER is perfect for fleet expansion, backup in large-scale operations or small venues and campsites. With one less pump than Satellite’s Tech module, it doesn’t compromise high-demand performance. Field-ready and quick to deploy, it establishes sanitation in remote areas.

In Conclusion

Elevating the standards of sanitation infrastructure, Satellite Sanitrax’s Toilet Modules embody efficiency, sustainability, and user-centric design. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge vacuum technology with innovative features, these modules transcend conventional restroom facilities, catering to a wide spectrum of scenarios, from bustling events to critical relief operations. As these modules mark a new chapter in modern sanitation, their impact reverberates far beyond convenience—they symbolize a progressive approach to addressing the global demand for efficient and sustainable restroom solutions. With Satellite Sanitrax Toilet Modules, the future of sanitation has indeed arrived, setting a higher benchmark for excellence in portable sanitation.

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