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2018 Satellite Women’s Conference Recap

We are overwhelmed and so grateful for the incredible turn out for our first Satellite Women’s Conference for the Portable Sanitation Industry! This two-day event was held in Minneapolis, MN on Monday, October 15th, and Tuesday, October 16th at the Radisson Blu Hotel located in the Mall of America!

With so many remarkable women who own, operate and manage businesses in attendance, it was an event full of insight and inspiration. It was a time to connect with old friends and acquaintances and learn from strong business leaders. There were inspiring speakers, practical workshops and a mix of entertainment as well.

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Satellite Women’s Conference Recap

Two amazing days flew by at the 1st ever Satellite Women’s Conference! Not only did every attendee enjoy all of the interactive talks and events, but the networking opportunities were also a crowd favorite. Of course, it helps when there’s amazing food to go around 😉

Satellite Women's Conference Area

Some of the highlights of the conference were:

  • professional photography station for portraits
  • self-defense classes
  • marketing lessons from real professionals
  • communication workshops
  • interactive improv comedy show

For a full list of our guest speakers and the itinerary, click here!

Satellite Women's Conference Photo Booth and Conference

We’ve got more info on the 2019 SWC coming out soon, so stay tuned for updates and details on how you can be a part of our next amazing event!


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