Benefits and Cost Savings

Discover the Benefits and Cost Savings of Vacuum Technology

Despite its higher initial investment price, Vacuum Technology proves to be a superior long-term solution due to its remarkable cost-effectiveness in transportation, set-up, water usage, and maintenance compared to traditional plastic restrooms or restroom trailers. The system optimizes operations drastically by reducing water usage, cleaning, deodorizer use, labor costs, and direct waste disposal. The addition of illuminated stall signals and the Satellite Sanitrax monitoring app further elevates its efficiency and sets a new portable sanitation industry standard. In essence, embracing Vacuum Technology is a transformative step that enhances the bottom line and redefines how portable restroom operators approach efficiency and sustainability.

At Large Events

Embracing vacuum flush technology over traditional plastic portable restrooms for large events presents a myriad of compelling advantages over traditional plastic restrooms. The key differentiator lies in the fresh flush that Vacuum Technology provides, ensuring that each user receives a refreshing and hygienic experience with every visit. Gone are the days of shared, uninviting spaces and long lines; these modules boast an open trough design for washbasins and urinals, intelligently accommodating large influxes of users simultaneously. This innovative setup significantly reduces waiting times and optimizes user flow, contributing to an overall smooth event experience. The true versatility of these Vacuum Technology modules enables portable restroom operators to tailor the event’s sanitation setup to precisely match the demographics of the crowd. By strategically adapting the number and distribution of units, efficiency and line pacing are optimized, further solidifying Vacuum Technology’s position as the superior choice for large events where crowd dynamics are constantly fluctuating

At Natural Disaster Sites

The decision to employ vacuum flush technology over traditional plastic portable restrooms at natural disaster sites can make a critical difference in accelerating relief to recovery efforts providing essential facilities for affected communities. The inherent advantage lies in the time-saving retractable and stackable modules. With time being of the essence in disaster recovery, this innovative system allows for prompt and efficient setup, enabling responders to promptly deploy much-needed restroom facilities to affected areas. Furthermore, the efficiency of Vacuum Technology is evident through its space-saving capabilities, up to 26 modules (78 toilets) can fit on a single flatbed truck. This impressive capacity ensures that a significant number of sanitation units can be transported swiftly and economically to disaster zones, alleviating immense strain on logistical resources and enhancing the overall effectiveness of relief operations. In the crucial aftermath of a catastrophe, the superiority of vacuum flush technology proves indispensable by quickly and efficiently meeting the fundamental needs of communities in distress.

Deodorizer Savings

Unlike traditional plastic units that store waste in a holding tank directly under the user, the vacuum flush system expels waste to a distant sewer intake or holding tank up to 600 feet away immediately, leaving no room for offensive odors to linger. When waste is fed to the pump module, it undergoes maceration, breaking it into fine particles. These particles are then easily carried long distances with little resistance. This rapid disposal process ensures that potential odors are efficiently and effectively whisked away, rendering chemical deodorizers unnecessary. By eliminating the need for excessive chemical usage, portable restroom operators can achieve substantial cost savings while still providing users with a fresh and pleasant restroom experience.

Water Savings

Satellite’s Vacuum Technology sets a new standard for water conservation in the portable restroom industry, leveraging a closed flushing system that reduces water usage by an astounding 90%. Unlike traditional wash-down methods that rely on gallons of water mixed with chemicals in plastic portable restroom units, Satellite’s vacuum flush system employs a highly efficient vacuum pump. Each fresh flush effectively cleans the porcelain bowl after every use, eliminating the need for excessive water consumption. By cutting down water usage, portable restroom operators see substantial cost savings on water usage and disposal expenses. Moreover, the reduced chemical usage further contributes to cost reduction.

Direct Waste Disposal

In traditional portable restrooms and mobile trailers, a laborer must manually pump waste from each individual tank into the service truck, consuming valuable time and labor resources. With the vacuum system, waste is instantly macerated and directed into the sewer system or holding tank, reducing service times drastically. This efficiency reduces labor hours and minimizes wear and tear on the pump truck, leading to decreased maintenance costs and prolonged truck lifespan. Additionally, by eliminating the need for frequent service trips during an event, fuel costs are significantly reduced, further bolstering cost-effectiveness for the operator. Embracing Satellite’s Vacuum Technology empowers portable restroom operators to streamline their operations, optimize resource allocation, and achieve remarkable labor and truck expenses savings.

App & Smart Tech Lights Pinpoint Problems in the System

Satellite’s Vacuum Technology introduces a cost-saving advantage through its innovative monitoring app and new Smart Tech Light feature. The app provides real-time insights into the vacuum system, enabling operators to quickly pinpoint trouble spots or glitches within the system. This timely identification saves valuable labor hours that would otherwise be spent on time-consuming investigations. By swiftly addressing potential issues, operators can prevent prolonged downtime and costly repairs, ensuring the system operates at its peak performance.

Furthermore, the Smart Tech Lights are strategically placed outside each module and play a crucial role in indicating the availability of individual units. When a unit is occupied or undergoing maintenance, the smart tech lights will clearly display a signal, notifying users that the unit is currently unavailable.

The benefit of this innovative feature is twofold. First, it eliminates the need for a physical sign and lock, which often requires an operator to be at the site to manage individual restrooms, and second, users are promptly informed about the status of each unit without having to physically check each one, streamlining the restroom usage process and improving the overall user experience.

In Conclusion

Satellite Vacuum Technology offers an all-encompassing solution that empowers portable restroom operators with unparalleled cost savings and operational efficiencies. Through the revolutionary closed flushing system, retractable modular design, direct waste disposal, intelligent app and smart tech lights, Satellite’s Vacuum Technology signifies a cost-effective approach and a transformative leap towards a sustainable and highly efficient future for portable restroom operators.

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